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DNA Testing Accuracy and Probability

Accurate DNA Paternity Tests
In paternity testing industry, descriptions of accuracy and probability are often misunderstood.

  • Accuracy is a measure of a test’s precision. It is also evidence of the quality of the analysis processes and laboratory personnel.
  • Probability states the likelihood of the tested biological relationship.

Both terms are detailed below.


Genetic testing from DNA Diagnostics Centre is 100% accurate because:

  • Every DNA test is run twice. Two separate teams process the DNA samples for every case and evaluate their findings to ensure they are the same. This reduces the potential of errors that could be caused by samples being mixed up and contaminated, which can lead to a false exclusion (an inaccurate report that the tested man is not the father).
  • Our laboratory team are experienced DNA experts. Our PhD scientists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in genetic testing and are skilled at accurately interpreting DNA test results. Every test is reviewed by a PhD before the results are sent to the client.
  • Extended analysis is performed when needed. In some cases, our laboratory analyses additional DNA markers to ensure accurate test results. This extended testing is valuable when we experience difficult situations such as genetic mutations or related alleged fathers.
  • DDC laboratory is fully certified and state of the art. Our laboratory fully utilises the latest equipment in DNA testing technology. The PCR thermocyclers, robotics systems, and genetic analysers lessen the possibility of human error, helping the accuracy of our test results.


When you obtain your paternity test results, you will see a Probability of Paternity included. This is an indication of how probable it is that the alleged father is the biological father of the child.

  • A Probability of Paternity of 99% or higher states that the alleged father tested is not excluded as the biological father of the child. We consistently deliver probabilities well above 99.99% for our paternity tests.
  • A Probability of Paternity of 0% states that the alleged father is not the biological father of the child tested.

Important: When an alleged father is not excluded as the biological father, the Probability of Paternity will always be 99% or higher (often 99.99% or higher). This figure is based on calculations that are performed using a population database to determine the probability of the relationship. We cannot guarantee a probability of 100%. To accomplish this, we would have to test and exclude every other man worldwide.

The completed results of other family relationship DNA tests will have similar probabilities. A grandparentage test, for example, will state a Probability of Grandparentage. A maternity test will state a Probability of Maternity. You can understand these tests as detailed above.

 In conclusion, once your test results are concluded with a probability value of 99% (or greater) or 0%, you have peace of mind that the test results are 100% accurate.


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