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Beware of cheap DNA Tests and Paternity Test in Ireland

There are a number of companies that offer low or cheap testing fees, please be aware that clients in need of a DNA test or paternity test have additional peace of mind with DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) that they’re dealing direct with an accredited laboratory.

Hidden Fees

Expect additional fees from a number of companies offering DNA testing, many appear cheap until the small print or final price is revealed. Extra costs could include sample collection service, postage, and a fee to receive your testing report. A serious note to consider is when these companies charge for additional kits or they inform you that a new kit has to be resent to you because the samples were collected incorrectly.

DNA Diagnostics Centre doesn’t charge for extra swabs or kits needed and provides all costs upfront to its clients.

Lacking Expertise

Some firms that could offer cheap paternity test services often do have highly experienced or trained laboratory technicians. A common cost cutting exercise could be that they use cheaper personnel such as university students who lack experience.

DNA Diagnostics Centre has performed over 1 million genetic tests since being established in 1995. Our scientific team have more than 150+ years of shared experience, knowledge and expertise in life sciences, biotechnology and genetics.

Offering DNA Testing Services

Some firms offer human DNA testing services to accompany other services they may offer. Offering this as a side product may result in a lack of knowledge once the test has been completed, this may have an impact on the quality of feedback you may need once the test has been concluded.

DNA Diagnostics Centre provides fast and accredited paternity and relationship testing services.

"Court Approved" DNA Testing

The strict procedure of sample collection and the completion of official legal documentation require highly trained laboratory personnel to complete this process.

Approved DNA testing laboratories can provide laboratory certificates and evidence of their accreditations.

DNA Diagnostics Centre is performs strict chain of custody testing procedures.

Postal Addresses

Many companies do not have an address that’s open to their clients, it’s simply an address that collects incoming mail and then forwards this on to another address. This is used to appear to clients that they’re dealing with a local company

DNA Diagnostics Centre is the leading DNA testing and paternity testing laboratory providing accurate and accredited DNA testing services and we’re located in Glenthorne Road, London, UK

Customer Services

Many firms offer a lack of customer service to their clients. Taking a DNA test is a very sensitive and anxious time for individuals and the need of providing first class customer services is essential for peace of mind and understanding.

DNA Diagnostics Centre offers excellent consultation and client handling from our experienced and professional customer services team.

Purchase an In-Home Paternity Test

In-home paternity testing

To order an in-home paternity test, please complete our order form or call us at 01 506 0395


Purchase a Legal Paternity Test

Legal paternity testing

To order a legal paternity test, please call us at 01 506 0395


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