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DNA Ancestry Testing Ireland

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  • ABO Blood Types can be used to calculate paternity?
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  • Eye colour can be used to determine paternity?
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  • Consent is require to test a person's DNA sample?
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  • DNA can be used to help solve crimes?
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DNA Ancestry Testing Ireland

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AncestrybyDNA™ Testing

You’re unique – unravel your past through your DNA! Discover more about yourself and your family through our exclusive DNA test. Our AncestrybyDNA™ test can be used for the following:

  • Use as a first step in discovering your ancestors—for those interested in their history, enthusiastic genealogists, individuals that were adopted, or for those that are simply intrigued and curious about their ancestral background.
  • Use as a scientific tool to confirm findings found through your own genealogy research or to determine new information about your family history.
  • Use as a fun education aid for parents, grandparents and family members who want to share their family history with their children, relatives and friends – whilst learning all about DNA! 

Your DNA may contain information you didn’t
previously consider or were aware of whilst researching your family tree.
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Ancestry DNA Lineage Tests

DNA Ancestry Testing Ireland

Paternal Lineage (Y-STR) Testing

The paternal lineage test determines what migration routes your ancient paternal ancestors embarked on.
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Maternal Lineage (mtDNA) Testing

Our maternal lineage DNA testing determines what migration routes your ancient maternal ancestors took.
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DNA Ancestry Testing Ireland

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