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Consent is required for a DNA test

Protecting the public’s privacy and other rights when it comes to DNA testing, legislation requiring consent has been passed by official authorities. As stated, consent is required as detailed below:

  • To analyse the DNA from a person, consent from that individual is necessary.
  • If the individual is a child (below 18 years), a person with parental responsibility must provide consent.

Consent is necessary to commence with DNA testing. In addition to consent, we encourage all individuals to be as familiar as possible about the analysis and the possible conclusion. Our experts can address any questions you have, and we have a great deal of information listed on this website. We advise you to understand the following when deciding to take a DNA test:

  • DNA testing process. DNA samples for a DNA test are normally collected by buccal swabs, a painless and highly accurate method. In other scenarios we may require different types of samples, such as blood. Once the DNA samples are received by the laboratory, the individuals tested will have their DNA analysed in 3-4 business days. Once the analysis has been concluded and reviewed we will send the results to client via the post or email. Express testing is available for those that require faster results and other delivery methods are offered.

  • Individual’s participation. Ideally we would like both the mother and alleged father to be tested in a paternity case. This is the best situation and provides genetic information about the mother that can be utilised in the paternity calculation. If the mother is not available for testing, we can perform motherless testing and provide decisive results.
  • Impact of the results. Once your DNA test has been completed we understand this could have a major impact on those who took the test as well as the future of those involved. It’s very important to evaluate the possible impact of either a negative or positive paternity result on family members.

Further information on our portfolio of DNA testing services and advice on consent, please call our client services team on 01 506 0395 or you can email us at


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