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Legal Documentation

DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) has completed over 1 million genetic tests for paternity and relationship testing for both peace of mind reasons and legally approved DNA results used for family law and immigration purposes.

DDC has a range of key advantages that will benefit law practices and their customers;

  • Walk-in DNA Collection Centre in London – FREE Legal sample collection.
  • ISO 17025 certified and approved for family law and immigration purposes.
  • 4,500 Collection centres located throughout the UK & world-wide.
  • Mobile DNA sample collection service available throughout the UK.
  • Full administrative handling including confirmation of all sample collection appointments.
  • Designated case worker – one point of contact.
  • All DNA samples are tested twice - ensuring our 100% testing record.
  • Rapid results - laboratory processing time in 5 working days.

Our legal documentation can be downloaded from the links below:

You can email these forms to us or you can fax them on 0208 834 1103 or if your faxing from outside the United Kingdom send to +44 208 834 1103

If you would prefer alternative ways of either contacting us, you can contact us in the following ways;

Instruct a Legal Case for Immigration

Instruct a Legal Case for Family/Child Law

Request a DNA Testing Services Quote

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Legal DNA Test

Complete your details below and a legal services advisor will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Legal DNA Test Guide

  • Step1
    You can now order online, or by calling us on 01 506 0395. We will coordinate and confirm appointments at one of our convenient DNA collection sites.
  • Step1
    The doctor will complete all legal documentation and validate photographic identification brought by the individuals being tested.
  • Step1
    ALL DNA samples will be analysed twice – to ensure 100% testing accuracy. Results will be completed in 3-4 business days

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