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Lineage DNA Testing - FAQs

How does this test work?

Lineage DNA testing studies sections of human DNA that are handed down from parents to children relatively untouched via the generations. The paternal line analyses the Y chromosome, which is taken from the father and passed to the son. The maternal line, we anaylse the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), this is handed down from the mother to all her offspring.

Indications state that by analysing both of these sections of our DNA, both paternal and maternal background could be realised as far back as the first peoples who populated earth. Scientific studies show that modern humans evolved in Africa 400,000 to 130,000 years ago, and began migrating outward and dispersing to other locations.

Throughout this migration, minor differences in both the Y chromosome and the mtDNA-genetic markers-developed as groups and were established in different locations of the world. We carry these within our own DNA, and with advanced testing and analysis enabling us to find out our ancestor's geographic origins. A cheek swab is all that is required – simple and fast to collect!

Once analysed – what can the test tell me?

Our test will stipulate which haplogroup you belong to on your maternal and/or paternal side. A haplogroup is a population of people who share common markers in their DNA, and it is typically linked with a geographical and past point of origin.

As well as determining your own unique haplogroup, we will present a description of relevant populations around the world where the same haplogroup can be located, which can be considered your "genetic cousins."

In addition we will provide you the precise DNA markers that allowed us to conclude your haplogroup, you can use this data to continue with further research should you wish to do so. There's a vast selection of databases and forums where you could confer your results and possibly go onto discover distant relatives!

What is the testing time at your laboratory?

The testing time is 4-6 weeks for both paternal and maternal lineage tests.

Can this test confirm what nationality I am?

This test will indicate likely geographic regions of origin; it will not decisively state what nationality you are. Nationality and race are determined by social and political factors that are free of genetics. Your DNA test will signify your biogeographic roots, this indicates genetic heritage and is achieved by historical studies regarding movements of people groups throughout history.

A Haplogroup - what is it exactly?

A haplogroup is a population of people who share common markers in their DNA, and it is generally associated with a geographical and past point of origin. Persons that share the same haplogroups can trace their roots to a common ancestor - where the DNA markers first originated.

Will my results state in percentages my ancestral profile?

Both maternal and paternal lineage tests provide detailed information about your maternal and/or paternal line. Our AncestrybyDNA™ test looks in to other contributions to your lineage, such as spouses along the maternal and paternal lines. For further information visit this page.

Will my parents need to provide their DNA for the ancestry testing?

Your DNA contains information that is revealing in relation to your ancestry. We can analyse your DNA sample and determine both maternal and paternal ancestry, if you're a male. All females DNA samples will simply have maternal ancestry information, as paternal ancestry information is extracted from the Y-chromosome. For this scenario, your full brother will need to supply a DNA sample. In addition to this your full brother shares the same mtDNA as you, so we can analyse his DNA for a dual ancestry test on your behalf.

Will it confirm I have Jewish ancestry?

Some haplogroups are related with Jewish ancestry. However, there are varying social and political aspects of what it means to be Jewish, and DNA alone does not conclude Jewish ancestry.

Could I be related to a prominent person?

Some famous persons in ancient and modern history have been DNA tested to determine their haplogroups. These include U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, the Wright brothers (aviation pioneers), and the Romanov family. Historical evidence pointing to Genghis Khan and St. Luke have suggested haplogroups for these iconic persons. If your haplogroup is that of a famous person who have been haplotyped, it will be listed on the explanation sheet that is provided with your certificate.



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