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  1. FREE Peace of Mind Paternity Test Kit
  2. Legal Paternity Test
  3. Prenatal Paternity Tests
  4. AncestrybyDNA Test
  5. Immigration DNA Tests
  6. Cell Line Authentication
  7. Sibling Testing

  • ABO Blood Types can be used to calculate paternity?
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  • Eye colour can be used to determine paternity?
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  • Consent is require to test a person's DNA sample?
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  • DNA can be used to help solve crimes?
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Privacy Policy


DNA Diagnostics Centre respects your privacy.We guarantee that we do not share any contact details with any other companies.

Online Ordering
All online purchases are handled through scripting developed to submit orders with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. When you enter your personal details and credit card information into the Secure Order Form, it is transmitted in an encrypted (scrambled) form, and decoded once we receive this. This ensures reliable and confidential ordering for your own peace of mind and security. Some browsers do not allow for SSL encryption, but we also provide non-secure online ordering options. You can discuss and order via telephone if this is your preference.

Customer Comments
DNA Diagnostics Centre welcomes feedback and questions relating to our services. Our mission is to provide a service that surpasses our customers’ expectations, and we listen to our customers’ and advise accordingly.


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