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Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test

DNA testDNA testing for paternity purposes from DNA Diagnostics Centre will accurately confirm any uncertainties regarding the paternity of a child.

The paternity test works by analysing a child’s DNA profiles against the DNA profile of the alleged father, the mothers DNA Paternity testprofile can also be used during this process. Once the child is born, the child’s unique DNA profile will consist of half from the father and half from the mother and paternity tests will clearly show whether the child has inherited DNA from the alleged father. When an alleged father and child’s DNA is analysed, their unique profiles will show similar traits in genetics that has been passed down. Our peace of mind testing services sometimes referred to as personal knowledge or home paternity testing is a simple process of collecting ones own DNA samples. We dispatch a DNA sample collection kit to the individuals being tested; the kit consists of buccal swabs for DNA collection and step-by-step instructions on this simple process. This method of collecting one’s own DNA samples, peace of mind testing is not valid in court of law. Consent forms are included and these must be signed and returned to DNA Diagnostics Centre with the parties DNA samples and payment.

If you need your paternity testing results for legal reasons, please visit our legal paternity testing service. To compare our DNA paternity test options, please click on the links below

  • Peace of mind Paternity testing. Our private paternity testing is used for those that require peace of mind and are curious to determine the paternity of a child. Important: These results will not be accepted in a court of law, but are purely for information purposes.
  • Legal paternity testing. Legal DNA testing adheres to strict guidelines and procedure. Clients will require this service if they plan to use the results for any legal reason such as child and family-law cases, child support, child custody cases and immigration purposes.

If you would like to speak with our client services team regarding your paternity testing options, please call us at
01 506 0395.

To learn more about peace of mind paternity testing from DNA Diagnostics Centre, please visit these links.

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Purchase an In-Home Paternity Test

Important to note, those that wish to proceed with a DNA test, consent must be given by all individuals. Any child below 16 years of age that’s being tested, a parent, guardian or those with parental responsibility must authorise that the child’s DNA can be tested.


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