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Twin Zygosity DNA Test

DNA Diagnostics Centre’s Twin zygosity DNA testing will decisively resolve whether twin siblings are identical twins or fraternal twins. Parents of twins who purchase this test are often curious to know the if the children are identical or fraternal. Some perform the twin zygosity as a backup for potential medical emergencies, for example identical twins are ideal tissue and organs donors for each other.

Identical twins develop from a single zygote—the union of one egg cell and one sperm cell during conception. Because they come from a single zygote that splits during its early development, identical twins share the same DNA profile.

Fraternal twins develop from two zygotes—two egg cells that were fertilised by two sperm cells. Because they come from two zygotes, fraternal twins have different DNA profiles. Their profiles can be as different as any two non-twin siblings’ profiles can be.

Analyzing and comparing genetic profiles of twins, DDC can accurately clarify if they are identical or fraternal.

Further information can be viewed below on the twin zygosity testing service from DDC.

Who is tested?

How are samples collected?

What will the twin zygosity DNA test results tell you?

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