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DNA Diagnostics Centre Ireland

Established in 1995, DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is the Ireland’s leading DNA testing laboratory providing a portfolio of approved and accredited DNA testing services used for immigration and family law issues. During this time, DDC has become the preferred testing laboratory for solicitors, immigration firms and private clients and has processed over 1 million genetic tests to date.

Free Sample Collection Service - Walk-in DNA Testing Centre.
DNA Diagnostics Centre is now able to offer clients participating in a legal test our free DNA testing collection service at our offices in Glenthorne Road, London. Call us today on 01 506 0395, we will be able to book a convenient time and date for your appointment for individuals in your group who require their DNA samples to be collected.

Dual Process™ - 100% Testing Excellence
DDC process each and every DNA sample independently twice (x2) ensuring that our results have a 100% track record. We’re the only DNA laboratory that uses this state of the art procedure, guaranteeing peace of mind for clients and law practices with every DNA test we complete.

Laboratory Accreditation.
DDC Laboratories, Inc. has been accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. DDC laboratories are also fully certified with ISO 17025.

Client Services and Case Management.
DDC handle all administrative handling, including coordinating all sample collections, thereby saving you time & effort. We understand this is a sensitive subject and handle the sample collection process as sympathetically as possible. Legal DNA testing services is processed in 5 business days and includes complimentary sample collection at our facility in west London.

UK Mobile DNA Collection Service.
DDC can now offer a flexible mobile DNA collection service throughout the UK including Northern Ireland. Qualified and experienced nurses can visit your home or work place and collect your DNA samples; this service is available 7 days a week. Please call 01 506 0395 for further details.

UK Nationwide DNA Collection Centres.
Since being established in 1995, DDC work with a number of medical centres, clinics and doctors throughout the UK. Simply contact our UK office and we will provide details of the nearest medical centre that’s suitable for you, advise you on our testing options and advice you on the full procedures. If our clients would prefer their own doctor to assist them with their DNA sample collections, then our client services department will be able to coordinate and dispatch the relevant DNA testing kit and documentation to the doctor.

International Collection Centres
With over 4,500 collection centres located worldwide, DDC have numerous options where immigration and family law solicitors can benefit from our vast portfolio of doctors and medical centres. All medical professionals that work with DDC are officially registered and have a wealth of experience with collecting DNA samples. For more information on our overseas DNA sample collection network please contact us. Click here for a selection of our locations.

DNA Diagnostics Centre
Britannia House
11 Glenthorne Road
London, W6 0LH

T: 01 506 0395
F: 020 8563 1858



Legal DNA Test

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Legal DNA Test Guide

  • Step1
    You can now order online, or by calling us on 01 506 0395. We will coordinate and confirm appointments at one of our convenient DNA collection sites.
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    The doctor will complete all legal documentation and validate photographic identification brought by the individuals being tested.
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    ALL DNA samples will be analysed twice – to ensure 100% testing accuracy. Results will be completed in 3-4 business days

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